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Oh crap! We just realized this Sunday is Father's Day and we don't have a gift for dear old Dad. Again. Never fear! Autoblog's staffers been in this spot before, so just follow our lead. Oh, and we're gonna assume that if you're car-crazed enough to be looking for gift ideas here, then your pops probably likes cars too.

Stumped for an appropriate gift for Dad? You can do what we did and send him a lifetime subscription to Autoblog (it's very affordable), or actually put some thought and cash into something less useful. But what? Well, Ford has issued its Top Nine (nine?) list that, no big surprise, are sold right there on its Ford Collection Web site.

It's not surprising that Motor Trend's ideas for Father's Day should include gifts that have to do with cars. It is sad, though, that their Number One suggestion is to go for a joy ride. This is sad for a lot of reasons, as those who feel burning gasoline for the pure joy of it is not a very fatherly thing to do will understand. If you're looking for a green way to celebrate Father's Day this weekend, we've got some ideas for you.