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Ahh, the blogger round table. At GM's Centennial celebration yesterday, GM chairman sat down with a group of bloggers to talk about - what else? - the Volt. Lutz took questions about the car and gave a upbeat assessment of where the overall program is now; he didn't even knock wood when he said that the battery testing has not given them any problems - guess he's not superstitious. One thing that Lutz said would help GM sell more Volts would be government incentives, specifically $7,500 incentiv

Of all the areas we visited during our day at the GM Technical Center during the Volt tour, the design center was the one place where I really, really wished we could have had a camera. I'm sure you would have all felt the same way. We've all seen the teaser image above, but in the E-Flex Studio Tim Grieg, the Volt design manager, and Bob Boniface, the design director for the Volt and the E-Flex systems, are looking at the Volt every day. The good news is that we can describe a few things. givin