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The unveiling took place in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan

Mazda unveiled what's probably their most important model Wednesday at an empty warehouse space in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, a neighborhood filled with artsy boutiques and graffiti that could one day hang on the walls of a museum.

Car gets a refresh just 18 months after its last facelift

The current Chevrolet Malibu launched only 18 months ago, and already General Motors is updating it - a clear sign of just how competitive the family-sedan category has become, with new and improved versions of the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Mazda 6 and Nissan Altima vying for attention.

Have you ever wanted to test the limits of your truck or SUV but felt too hesistant to try?

It's a sad truth that the vast majority of SUVs never live up to their true potential: Going off road. That's because most people buy SUVs as either minivan replacements (because they have big families and want the space) or they like driving up high and having four-wheel drive for snow.

First Images of BMW X4 Compact Crossover

BMW was trying to keep its new compact crossover concept under wraps until the Shanghai Auto Show later this month, but thanks to some leaked photos via the Russian site Autowp.ru, the sleek new crossover is already creating a buzz.

But it needs to seat six, and have room for a cooler

Most car shoppers are focused on things like fuel economy, reliability and those sorts of things. But Jackie Langenecker has a higher calling: Finding a family car that makes it easy to have fun.

Detroit automakers didn't fare quite so well

Lexus topped all automotive brands in Consumer Reports magazine's 2013 brand report card. Japanese automakers again dominated the rankings, taking eight of the top 10 spots.

Otto Mayo, 28, wants to trade in his Honda Civic for something with that mysterious X factor

Otto Mayo is a guy who is passionate about cars. When he owns a car, he wants to be in love with it.

Lee Hutchins drives 75 miles a day, and wants fuel efficiency and long-term reliability

Lee Hutchins is a loyal man. He's been driving the same 1995 325i BMW for nearly 17 years, putting nearly 250,000 miles on the car. He loves it, but thinks its time to retire these wheels and find a new set that he can drive and drive and drive.