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The Takata executives plead guilty and will do 14 to 19 months in prison

Three auto executives will do time in federal prisons after pleading guilty to a price-fixing conspiracy, and two more have been indicted in the U.S. investigation, the government said Thursday.

Will Ferrell's character is pitching Dodge Durango and Dodge pitches new movie

Chrysler will run 70 ads and videos for the Dodge Durango between now and the end of the year, all featuring actor/comedian Will Ferrell embodying his Ron Burgundy character. Chrysler's ads promote the Dec. 20 debut of "Anchorman: The Legend Continues."

Georgia, Alabama, New York and Michigan police all facing quota investigations

If the Atlanta police department wants to make sure their future pay raises come in, they had better write more tickets and make sure they show up in court to defend them, says a report from Channel 2 Action News in the Georgia capitol.

Former GM executive Paired with Chinese company to save luxury sedan

Bob Lutz is perhaps America's best known auto industry executive, and a living legend in auto circles the world over. And at age 80, he is not done yet and offering to take over the recently failed Fisker Automotive and breathe life back into the car and company.

They say the bill unfairly targets small businesses

Lawmakers, safety advocates and auto industry representatives debated whether or not car rental companies should be allowed to rent vehicles that have been recalled.

The seller said the car was used by Churchill between 1944 and 1949

A rare car once used by Britain's wartime leader Winston Churchill is being sold on the auction site eBay.

Analysis: The Government Should Not Fund Start-Up Car Companies

Fisker, the hybrid car company on the verge of bankruptcy, was a complete mess the past few years.p