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Track Test
McLaren Senna GTR Review | Driving the track-ready, race-banned hypercar

McLaren pushes its hypercar portfolio to the limits with the GTR

The McLaren Senna GTR shouldn't exist. The P1, introduced in 2012, was McLaren Automotive's opening act on the hypercar stage and was an instant success for both the brand and its business. McLaren followed it up with the P1 GTR, then went on to chart a course toward the Ultimate Series of today and beyond.

Deep Dive
We spec a McLaren Senna supercar with MSO

Configuring a car online is so pedestrian

No supercar better demonstrates this trend than the McLaren Senna. And, it just so happens, McLaren invited Autoblog to Beverly hills to roleplay as one of the 15 LA-area residents who bought Sennas. I'd be assisted in the act by two MSO Bespoke Liaison Managers – Katie Newell and Emily Monk – who were on an international jaunt shepherding actual buyers through the process.

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