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High-performance royal carriage whisked Meghan into Harry’s arms

High-performance royal carriage whisked Meghan into Harry's arms.

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The stereotypical German muscle car breaks the mold

The stereotypical German muscle car breaks the mold.

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Hyundai's new GTI fighter hits the Green Hell

Hyundai's new GTI fighter hits the Green Hell.


From the original 110S Cosmo to the first RX-7

Mazda demonstrated to the world a rotary could stay the distance.

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McLaren's Senna doesn't just have the moves, it has the swagger

McLaren's Senna doesn't just have the moves, it has the swagger.

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America's Ford hot hatch dreams are ending, but not Europe's

The driving style required to get the most out of a Fiesta ST requires braking late into the corner to turn the car on its nose. Which sounds fun until you start dwelling on the potential consequences of running out of hairpin to play on, there being little more than a curb-height wall between you and oblivion. The ability not to worry about that is what separates rally champions such as Ogier from the rest of us, but the ST successfully offers a sense of that driving style to those with average

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Lotus should capture this spirit in the next Exige

You can get the measure of a car brand by the environment in which its products are built. The narrow, bumpy, hedge-lined lanes of eastern England explain a lot about the way a Lotus goes. The character of a company's chief speaks to the brand's intentions as well. Jean-Marc Gales has been portrayed unflatteringly as a Eurocrat bean counter, but his approach has been to strip weight and cost out of the product to the benefit of performance on both track and bottom line, defining brand attributes


The company founded on a bet changed the world

Renault is definitely a French company, but it has impacted America in ways that might surprise you. Here are 8 surprisingly interesting factoids.

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1970s driving manners in modern surroundings

This is the cornering on the door handles approach fans of the Rabbit GTI loved, remixed for a new age. With no driver modes, a wheelbase nearly identical to that of the Mk1 and skinny 195-section tires, this is as close as you'll get to driving an original GTI.

Hill Climb champ on why electric power is the fastest route to the top

Romain Dumas' first sight of the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak was, like the rest of the world, via the weekend livestreamed press conference. Between stints at Monza, viewing it on his phone, he watched the covers come off the very car he'll be racing in just 62 days. His initial reaction? "Wow, that's a proper one!"


U.S. manual fans helped convince Porsche to stick with the stick

The knowledge that smoothly riding that wave into third gear and beyond is going to require skill, timing and a degree of expertise beyond a fingertip on a paddle is the reward I want from a car such as the GT3.


Turbo hybrid power will yield 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds

Hybrid powertrains, sleek new looks, safety tech galore and, wait, 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds? You'd better believe it!


Despite its looks, this hero car is a sell-out success.

For all its functional brutality, McLaren wants you to know that the Senna is designed to engage at an emotional level, too, even at road speeds.


Pushing supercar styling and performance into the world of crossovers.

In typical Lamborghini fashion, the Urus is completely unapologetic.

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Jungle Book Jaguar welcomes a new cub to the crossover family.

Jaguar has given its little crossover claws of its own.

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Autoblog drives Nissan's DualShock-controlled R35 GT-R at Silverstone.