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First Drive

It's not just loud, it sounds like an honest-to-god racecar.

This is Lamborghini's way of saying that its future will not just be high-tech, it'll be very loud.


Alex got to drive a bunch of cool Porsches and we kind of hate him for it.

Long Term

Well, most of us like it.

Character goes a long way.

From The Editor

Another update to the site.

Yes, we're listening.

First Drive

It's absurdly fast and ridiculously comfortable.

So, so very fast.


And better than ever.

Hello there! A few weeks back we relaunched the site with a new design, and we removed comments. Today, they are back, with a new system that will allow better moderation and tools like email notifications. You may be wondering why we shut down comments in the first place. Put simply, the old commenting system wasn't a positive environment, and it was difficult for us to stay on top of off-topic or even hateful posts. With that in mind, we're hoping the conversations in the new Autoblog comment


The GT3 isn't turbo because the racecar isn't turbo.

"What's very crucial for us, a key factor is the bloodline between the race car and the street car."


From the AWD Dodge Challenger to a new method of measuring power, this podcast has it all.

Quick Spin

Take a closer look. This everyday hatch is fast, frugal, and fun.

You could wait for the new Si, but this one is already faster than Si Civics of the past.


Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva looks like a major step forward in automotive performance.


We heard you. And we're bringing more improvements to the site.

Yes, comments are coming back.


Coming to dealers in May 2017.

Expect a loaded, all-wheel-drive V6 model to cost around $48,000.


Saturn's half-hearted attempt at a performance lineup.

Hey guys, remember Saturn?

8 years later, Chevy admits the "man step" is a good idea.

A patent was granted in December 2016.


New supercar "absolutely" will be faster on track.

Plus, tidbits about the GT's trick suspension.


Better living through sport hybrid.

Technology that makes a car faster and more friendly.


Threatens 35-percent import tariff for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and VW Group.

More threats against building factories in Mexico, but few specifics.


Teaser video suggests this car lives its life a quarter mile at a time.

Run, don't walk, to your nearest tattoo parlor.


Here are your 2017 North American Car, Truck, and Utility of the Year winners.

These are the best for 2017, according to the jury.


Millennials: They're just like us!

Spoiler alert: The best package for flexible hauling of people and cargo is still a minivan.

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