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Bill Gates compliments Tesla; Elon Musk does not return the favor

Microsoft co-founder choice in EVs leads to a diss

Elon Musk is not one to mince words, but he may have just lost a potential customer because of a cutting tweet. Gates and Brownlee have met before, and the idea was to have Gates discuss some of what the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has planned for this year, which marks the 20th anniversary of the organization. Unsurprisingly, the conversation touched on climate change and in pretty short order sustainable transportation, with Brownlee bringing up Tesla and asking if, when "premium" elect

Hyundai partners with startup Canoo to develop EVs

Gaining Canoo's electric skateboard is part of $87 billion EV push

Hyundai Motor Group said it will jointly develop an electric vehicle platform with Los Angeles-based startup Canoo, the latest startup tapped by the automaker as part of an $87 billion push to invest in electrification and other future technologies. The electric vehicle platform will be based on Canoo's proprietary skateboard design, according to the agreement that was announced Tuesday. The platform will be used for future Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles as well as the automaker group's so

Cruise calls for a new way to determine commercial readiness of self-driving cars

Focusing on disengagement numbers is 'woefully inadequate for most uses'

Cruise co-founder and CTO Kyle Vogt said Friday that disengagement reports released annually by California regulators are not a proxy for the commercial readiness or safety of self-driving cars. Vogt, in a lengthy post on Medium, called for a new metric to determine whether an autonomous vehicle is ready for commercial deployment. The post suggests that the autonomous vehicle company, which had a valuation of $19 billion as of May, is already developing more comprehensive metrics.

Byton signs partners, seeks app developers for M-Byte EV's jumbotron dash

Partners so far include ViacomCBS and Accuweather

China-based electric car startup Byton might be best known for its massive 48-inch wraparound digital dashboard screen in its upcoming M-Byte SUV as well as a host of other screens sprinkled throughout the vehicle. "Byton's unique user interface offers developers a challenge and an opportunity to engage with an in-car experience like none they ever seen," he added. Byton has already been working with companies like Access, Accuweather, Aiqudo, CloudCar, Road.Travel, and Xperi to develop apps a

Elon Musk says Tesla will add Disney to its vehicles 'soon'

Catch up with Baby Yoda at the Supercharger

Elon Musk spent some time over this past holiday week answering questions posed by fans on Twitter, and one addressed the growing catalog of entertainment options available in-car via the Tesla Theater software feature: Musk said that Disney+ will be "coming soon" to the list of available streaming services drivers can access in their cars. Tesla Theater was introduced in the V10 software update that went out in September via over-the-air-update, and added streaming media from Netflix and YouT

Tesla vehicles are getting 'Stardew Valley'

You can play the adorable farming RPG while parked

Tesla owners have seen a bunch of games added to their car's in-dash display over the last few months, from a handful of Atari classics to the painfully hard Cuphead. In addition to just being kind of cool, the in-dash games (playable only when parked, because duh) are meant to help Tesla owners kill time while at superchargers. Stardew Valley is... sort of the perfect game for this.

Track Test
McLaren Senna GTR Review | Driving the track-ready, race-banned hypercar

McLaren pushes its hypercar portfolio to the limits with the GTR

The McLaren Senna GTR shouldn't exist. The P1, introduced in 2012, was McLaren Automotive's opening act on the hypercar stage and was an instant success for both the brand and its business. McLaren followed it up with the P1 GTR, then went on to chart a course toward the Ultimate Series of today and beyond.

AWS expands DeepRacer league, announces car updates

Last year at AWS re:invent, the company's massive customer conference, Amazon launched a new miniature race car and a racing league, all designed to teach developers about machine learning in a fun way. "We are adding more chances to compete at AWS events and at your own events, more chances to win with new races, including head-to-head multi-car competitions, and an upgraded DeepRacer car with new sensing capabilities," AWS's Jeff Barr wrote in the company blog announcing the updates.

Lego's take on the Tesla Cybertruck comes with innovative roof racks

It's 'guaranteed shatterproof'

Lego seems to have been inspired by recent events to bring its own vision fo the truck of the future to the world – behold this bold design statement in all its glory. Clearly, Lego is having a go at Elon Musk and the Tesla Cybertruck that he unveiled last week – which was... divisive in its reception, to say the least. The Lego version is "guaranteed shatterproof," Lego notes on Twitter, which is a jab at the failed demo wherein Musk had designer Franz von Holzhausen hurl a large metal ball

Autonomous Chrysler Pacficas join Lyft test fleet

Lyft also is opening a new AV testing facility in California

Lyft replaces pricey All-Access monthly plan with Lyft Pink

Includes discounts, priority airport pickup, free bike and scooter rides, and more

When Lyft unveiled its All-Access plan last year, many were taken aback by the hefty price of $299 per month. Now, Lyft is ditching that plan and replacing it with Lyft Pink, which costs just $19.99. The perks of the membership differ, but this lower price point will likely prove to be much more of a win-win for Lyft and its riders.

Tesla's new Solar Roof costs less than a new roof plus solar panels

The company aims for an install rate of 1,000 per week

Tesla has launched the third iteration of its solar roof tile for residential home use, which it officially detailed in a blog post on Friday and in a call with media. Tesla CEO Elon Musk kicked off the call with some explanatory remarks on the V3 Solar Roof, and then took a number of questions. The company says it'll begin installations in the coming weeks (Musk says some installations have already begun) and that it hopes to ramp production to as many as 1,000 new roofs per week.

Holoride makes its in-car VR available to the public for the first time

Audi spin-out Holoride is launching to the general public for the first time, through a collaboration with Ford and Universal Pictures . TechCrunch took it for a spin at CES this year, and found that the technology's ability to match a car's movements to a virtual immersive environment made for a surprisingly impressive experience. The company has previously shown off underwater adventures, as well as a Marvel Avengers-themed story, but the one it's launching for the public is a "Bride of Fra

NASCAR is 'pushing to go full hybrid' by 2022

NASCAR could introduce hybrid powered cars as early as 2022, NASCAR's SVP for Racing Development John Probst told TechCrunch. "We travel the world visiting other sanctioning bodies and are not ignorant to the fact that the world's going towards more hybrid technology," Probst told TechCrunch during a track-side interview at Charlotte Motor Speedway. A NASCAR rep speaking on background added further clarification saying, "Nothing is fully confirmed until it hits the race track.

Tesla acquires computer vision startup DeepScale in push towards robotaxis

Move helps shore up Autopilot team, which has had departures

Tesla has acquired DeepScale, a Silicon Valley startup that uses low-wattage processors to power more accurate computer vision, in a bid to improve its Autopilot driver assistance system and deliver on CEO Elon Musk's vision to turn its electric vehicles into robotaxis. Tesla vehicles are not considered fully autonomous, or Level 4, a designation by SAE that means the car can handle all aspects of driving in certain conditions without human intervention. Instead, Tesla vehicles are “Level 2,”

Tesla V10.0 software update adds Smart Summon, Netflix/YouTube, Spotify, karaoke and more

Lots of entertainment options, if summoning your car isn't entertaining enough

Tesla is rolling out a new software update that adds a slew of new features to its cars. This is one of the most advanced semi-self-driving features that Tesla has yet released to the general public, and the company still says you should use it only in lots and when you have a clear view of your car. The company also notes that you're ultimately responsible for the vehicle, so definitely be aware of what's going on with the car and its surroundings if you're planning to use this one -- and you

Canoo takes the covers off of its debut electric vehicle

It's a Bauhaus EV that's 'loft-inspired'

The Los Angeles-based startup Canoo has finally unveiled its first model, the eponymously named canoo. The Canoo designers have departed pretty radically from the traditional designs that other electric vehicle manufacturers have favored going with something that looks more like a VW Microbus than the sport utility vehicle that Byton is aiming for, or Tesla and Fisker's sportscars and sedans or Rivian's electric trucks. Remarkably, Canoo has completed the design and engineering of its first

It’s fight night in Las Vegas - Elon Musk’s Loop vs the Monorail

The Boring Company is at the heart of the issue

The latest bout in Las Vegas is not taking place in a raucous casino boxingring, but in the hushed rooms of planning committees

Porsche Taycan EV seems to be on track to outsell the 911

30,000 customers have put down a deposit so far

Boeing and Kitty Hawk to partner on flying taxis

Two-person, self-piloting Cora aircraft is the focus of their work together

Two-person, self-piloting Cora aircraft is the focus of their work together.

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