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Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ successor canceled?

Four-cylinder Supra and electric MR2 could take its place at Toyota

Four-cylinder Supra and electric MR2 could take its place at Toyota.

First Drive
2019 Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition First Drive Review | Reliving the past

Probably not the upgrade you've been waiting for

Probably not the upgrade you've been waiting for.

2019 Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition gets retro stripes, better brakes, better shocks

Toyota's answer to the BRZ performance package

Toyota's answer to the BRZ performance package.

These are the most expensive new cars in America to insure

Average rates climbed 33% between 2010 and 2016

There are a lot more costs to consider than just the monthly payment of a new car. Here are the top five most expensive new cars to insure in America for 2018.

Next-gen Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ could arrive by 2021

They'll reportedly ditch the 2.0-liter for a 2.4 that may or may not turbocharged

If these rumors are true, a small but dedicated core of fans could be in for a treat. According to Japan Times — and citing unspecified "sources" — Toyota and Subaru are developing a more next-generation 86 and BRZ, with a possible launch around 2021. The new car(s) will have more power, improved handling and newer safe

Quick Spin
2018 Subaru BRZ Quick Spin Review | Curves required

Some cars don't work everywhere. The BRZ is one of them.

Subaru has polished its only rear-drive coupe carefully over the years. But the changes are subtle.

Ryan Tuerck's Ferrari-powered Scion drifts, crashes, fixes, and drifts again

If at first you outright fail, try again

You can't keep a good drift car down.

Toyota to debut new performance division next month in Japan

Think of this as Toyota's answer to Lexus F cars.

This comes ahead of the new Supra reveal.

Quick Spin
These are the only 9 coupes you can buy for less than $30,000

Surprisingly, there are only nine two-door coupes on the market in America that are available for less than $30,000 new. Here's a list.

Santa swaps his sleigh for a Ferrari-powered Toyota

Not much cargo space for presents.

Reindeer don't make these sounds.

Successor to the Toyota 86 is on the way

Toyota Europe confirms development of the car

Don't get your hopes up for a convertible.

Ryan Tuerck's Ferrari-powered Gumout GT4586 debuts at SEMA

This is a shotgun wedding we support.

A Ferrari V8 and a Toyota GT86 body are a match made in heaven.

Yes, a Ferrari-swapped Toyota can do donuts around a Ferrari

The frankensupercar meets its donor for a smoky good time.

You've heard the GT86 with a Ferrari engine roar. Now watch it drift.

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