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# of Recalls Component Affected
2020 FIAT 500X 1 Service Brakes, Hydraulic More Details
2019 FIAT 124 Spider 1 Fuel System, Gasoline More Details
2019 FIAT 500 1 Power Train More Details
2019 FIAT 500X 2 Air Bags, Electrical System More Details
2018 FIAT 500 1 Power Train More Details
2018 FIAT 500X 1 Electrical System More Details
2017 FIAT 500 1 Power Train More Details
2017 FIAT 500X 1 Tires More Details
2016 FIAT 500 4 Power Train, Tires, Equipment More Details
2016 FIAT 500e 1 Electrical System More Details
2016 FIAT 500X 1 Power Train More Details
2015 FIAT 500 3 Power Train More Details
2015 FIAT 500e 2 Electrical System More Details
2015 FIAT 500L 2 Air Bags More Details
2014 FIAT 500 3 Power Train More Details
2014 FIAT 500e 3 Electrical System More Details
2014 FIAT 500L 3 Power Train, Air Bags More Details
2013 FIAT 500 5 Power Train More Details
2013 FIAT 500e 4 Electrical System, Power Train More Details
2012 FIAT 500 5 Power Train, Service Brakes, Hydraulic More Details


20 Articles
Fiat Chrysler to recall 100,000 Ram ProMaster vans over engine fire risk

It's also recalling nearly 52,000 Fiat 500s over a shifter issue

More Ram trucks recalled over tailgate issue

8-foot bed models added to existing recall

After 1.5 million trucks recalled last year, another 410,000 added to the bunch.

US expands probe into ZF-TRW airbag failure-to-deploy to 12.3 million vehicles

8 deaths may be attributable; affects Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, FCA

8 deaths may be attributable; affects Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, FCA.

FCA to recall nearly 900,000 vehicles that don't meet emissions standards

This involves catalytic converters, and more cars may be implicated

This involves catalytic converters, and more cars may be implicated.

Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.6M vehicles to fix Takata airbags

Joins the latest round of massive recalls from Ford, Honda, Toyota

Joins the latest round of massive recalls from Ford, Honda, Toyota.

FCA and ZF issue recall on nine-speed automatic transmission

The 9HP transmission can unexpectedly shift into neutral.

ZF's 9HP transmission can be found in a number of makes and models, though currently only FCA is issuing a recall.

Brand new cars are being sold with defective Takata airbags

Some replaced airbags will need to be replaced again.

A new report calls out Toyota, FCA, VW, and Mitsubishi for continuing to sell new vehicles in the US that have defective Takata airbags.

FCA recalling 400k Jeep Wranglers, 40k Fiat 500s

Fiat Chrysler recalls about 400,000 Jeep Wranglers for their steering-wheel airbag assembly, and 40,000 Fiat 500s for their clutch release systems.

Continental Automotive recalls 5 million airbag control units

Mercedes-Benz, Honda, And FCA Already Affected

Only 580,000 Continental airbag-equipped vehicles have been officially recalled, making it extremely likely that additional brands will be impacted.

FCA recalls 894k total vehicles worldwide in two campaigns

Jeep Grand Cherokee, Liberty, And Dodge Journey Affected

FCA will recall 894,000 vehicles worldwide to fix problems with inadvertent airbag deployment, failure of the anti-lock brakes, and stability control systems in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Dodge Journey, and Fiat Freemont.

FCA US under-reported death and injury claims to NHTSA

NHTSA says that flaws in the FCA US Early Warning Report data resulted in under-reported death and injury claims. The automaker says that it told the regulator as soon as the problem came to light.

Weekly Recap: FCA hit with record fine as NHTSA crackdown continues

Plus: Notes On More Hellcats For 2016, Amazon's New Show For Clarkson And Co., And The Ferrari 488 Spider

We curate the week's events with a focus on FCA's record NHTSA fine. Plus, other news and notes from the industry.

Fiat Chrysler to get $105M fine from NHTSA for recall woes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will reportedly levy a $105 million fine against Fiat Chrysler Automotive over lapses in the reporting and handling of recalls and safety defects.

Dodge Journey and Fiat Freemont engine-cover recall affects 350k CUVs

The 2011-2015 Dodge Journey and Fiat Freemont are covered under a recall to secure their engine covers from getting loose. The campaign covers 349,731 of the crossovers worldwide. The loose parts under the hood can be a fire hazard if they get too hot.

NHTSA preparing to wallop FCA, automaker 'failed to do its job'

NHTSA could hand out significant fines or even make Fiat Chrysler buy back unrepaired vehicles as part of company's mishandling of recall proceedings.

FCA recalls Fiat 500e to fix cruise control

No Injuries, Complaints From Issue, Which May Put EV Into Neutral When It Shouldn't

Fiat recalls almost 4,000 500e electric vehicles because of a potentially troubling cruise-control glitch.

FCA recalling 63k Jeeps, Vipers and Ram ProMaster City vans

The 2006 Jeep Wrangler and Liberty, as well as the Dodge Viper, represent of the bulk of the vehicles being recalled.

5,600 Fiat 500e EVs recalled for buggy software

Fiat is recalling 5,600 of its all-electric 500e hatchbacks after a March software update could lead to a potential stall condition.

Dodge recalling 2k SRT Hellcat Challengers and Chargers for fuel leak

Dodge is recalling over 2,200 of its Hellcat-equipped Challenger and Charger after a dealer discovered a "potential fuel leak."