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These are the most expensive cars made in America

Did you think all the six-figure automobiles were made in Europe? Think again, because some of the most expensive are made right here in America.

Top automotive barn finds of recent history

How to play lost-and-found with priceless historic automobiles.

The past few years have seen some amazing classic cars unearthed, hidden away in barns, sheds, parking lots, and scrap yards only to be rediscovered.

Parisian ban on old cars has officially taken effect

It's happening.

Paris has officially banned cars built before 1997 from entering the city during the daytime on weekdays, and could soon expand even further until only EVs are left within the city limits.

Lewis Hamilton wants to help develop a Mercedes-AMG GT LH

The reigning F1 world champ would like to put his own stamp on a special-edition supercar.

You can buy Puma shoes inspired by BMW's fabric concept car

Shoes patterned after a car that borrowed ideas from clothing.

Jeff Dunham stops by Leno's garage with pair of AMC Gremlins

A talk show host, a ventriloquist, and two AMC Gremlins walk into a bar...

McLaren P1 LM is the world's most extreme, exclusive supercar

The ultimate rendition of McLaren's Ultimate Series, the new P1 LM is set to climb the hill at Goodwood and park in the driveways of five fortunate owners.

McLaren 570S Sprint is both track day weapon and bargain

McLaren's new 570S Sprint debuts tomorrow at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed, based on the Sports Series but designed specifically for use on the track.

Jeep Compass, Patriot will stick around for 2017 model year

Their replacement goes into production in January, but Jeep will keep making Compatriots for 2017 to bridge the gap.

Star Trek actor's death may be linked to Jeep shifter issue

The Jeep Grand Cherokee that rolled down the driveway and crushed actor Anton Yelchin was subject to a recent recall specifically for roll-away risk.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 rumbles into Jay Leno's Garage

The latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage features Marcus Anghel and the latest Ford Mustang Boss 429 he's restored to its former glory.

Land Rover Discovery Sport pulls like a freight train

No, literally. This Disco Sport pulled a trio of luxury train carriages across a bridge.

To show just what its latest model can do, Land Rover fitted a set of rail wheels to the new Discovery Sport and had it pull 60 times its own weight across a railway bridge.

Brabus unveils the world's fastest, most powerful cabriolet

You're looking at 838 horsepower and a 217-mph top speed.

BMW recalls 200k SUVs in two campaigns

Problems with ISOFIX child seats in the X3 and X4 and the front driveshafts in the X5 and X6 have prompted BMW to issue two recalls amounting to over 200,000 crossovers in the United States.

Ferrari F12 TdF shrieks like a banshee on the Gumball

There's nothing like the unbridled wail of a high-revving atmospheric V12. The F12 TdF's 6.3-liter engine sounds fantastic.

Dubai police seize 81 cars for illegal street racing

An epidemic of street racing on Dubai's desert highways prompted local police to impound 81 vehicles and levy five-figure fines.

Indian to take on Harley-Davidson in flat track racing

Indian Motorcycle is launching its first factory racing program since the 1950s. It'll join Harley-Davidson in the AMA Pro Flat Track racing series.

Honda Civic Type R blitzes five iconic European circuits

Honda sets front-wheel-drive records in the hot hatch's homeland.

Honda sent the Civic Type R on a campaign to set front-drive lap records at five European Grand Prix circuits.

Kia Sedona and Hyundai Tucson recalled for hood latches

219,800 examples of the Kia Sedona and another 81,000 of the Hyundai Tuscon are being recalled in two separate campaigns to fix their secondary hood latches.

Polestar's optimized XC90 T8 is the most powerful Volvo yet

Volvo's tuning division managed to find an extra 21 hp and 29 lb-ft of torque in the XC90's highly stressed T8 powertrain.

2017 Maserati Quattroporte gets updated styling, equipment

Maserati gives the Quattroporte a mid-cycle facelift for 2017 that includes tweaked exterior styling, updated interior equipment, and added safety features.

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