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Acura's Best-Seller Aims For The Heart Of The Market

There are certain vehicles on sale today that are affected by what I call 'Camry Syndrome.' Named after Toyota's ubiquitous family hauler, Camry Syndrome affects a fair number of cars and trucks, many of which are exceedingly popular with consumers.

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Having already driven and reviewed the 2014 Acura RLX this year, colleagues Steven Ewing and Jeffrey Ross poured several thousand words into apprising it, then someone took the safety off the Comments and flipped them to "Fully Automatic" because those two reviews and four brief posts were hit by more than 1,200 of your deeply felt sentiments.

Same Book, Different Cover

Earlier in the year, I reviewed a powder-blue Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, and I witnessed a group of high-school-aged girls ogling the car as it sat in my driveway. In my head, I found it to be a funny-yet-fitting scene that I didn't think of again until a 2014 Acura RLX showed up in my driveway. This time around, an elderly neighborhood couple stopped to give the big Acura sedan a closer look. The RLX is trying to shed past stereotypes of its predecessor, the Acura RL, just like the Beetle.

What Is, What Could Have Been, And What May Yet Be

This Is Not The Acura You're Looking For

This Is Not The Acura You're Looking For

Going Mainstream Has Its Privileges

The Softening Of A Sharp-Edged CUV

Faint Praise For The World's Nicest Honda Civic

Bucking The Downsizing Trend For All The Right Reasons

Acura's Best Is Still Tough To Beat

Euro Accord Makes A Great Estate

Small Changes Make A Big Difference

A Wagon With Genuine Swagger

Overcomes Corporate Snout with Luxury, Technology and Value To Spare

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