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Prevent costly accidents with these two dashcam picks

Capture those crucial split­-second moments when you’re on the road.

Safeguard against court proceedings and insurance hassles with video footage recorded straight from your car.

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Execute any repair job with the iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit

Consider this kit a jack­-of­-all-­trades to help you fix any device­­ – now 30% off with free shipping.

This premium kit is designed specifically for precision repair work on handheld electronics and much more.

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This Hi­Res DashCam Video Recorder is now 70-percent off

Keep a true-life account of accidents as they happen with the DashCam Hi-Res Car Video Recorder and Camera.

DashCam is always watching. Protect yourself on the road with HD video support, ensuring collision accountability every time.

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Save 40% on the Zus smart car charger

This sleek charger is smart enough to find where you parked.

Zus charges your devices at twice the normal speed, plus helps you find where you parked with the included smartphone app.

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FIXD keeps you up to speed on your car's health, now 20% off

Skip the 'check engine' blues with FIXD Car Health Monitor.

FIXD on­board diagnostics keeps a detailed log of your car's health, and alerts you on your smartphone with maintenance requirements.

How to Find Deals on Car Rentals

Car rental companies ideally want you to pay the top price for every car you rent.

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Four must­-have car accessories for the modern driver

Save big on these essential add­-ons.

From innovative car chargers to dashcams and universal car mounts, we've rounded up deals on the items no driver should be without.

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The essential drone buyer's guide

Hit the skies with these fun, high­-flying UAVs.

We've compiled some of the best consumer drones on the market, available now to Autoblog readers at ultra low prices.

How to Find Car Rental Discount Codes

Rental cars can be a significant expense on any vacation or business trip, especially if you are paying the full retail price asked by the rental company.

How to Negotiate the Price of Tires

Here is a little known fact about buying tires.

When is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Vehicle?

When it’s time to buy a car, there are many factors to consider.

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When is the best time to buy auto parts?

Forget the Black Friday sales. A little planning and patience can get you high-quality parts for reasonable prices.

Buyers want a good deal more than latest design

A new study by AutoTrader.com indicates buyers are less interested in new designs than automakers may think. In an online survey of car shoppers, 57 percent said they do not feel it's important to have the latest redesign, while 79 percent said they would rather take advantage of a good deal on a current model rather than delay their purchase to wait for the newest iteration. We feel inclined to point out that the results may be skewed toward the inclinations of bargain shoppers, as the

GearHeadDeals is like Groupon for the car crowd

Hyundai may have been the first automaker to officially partner up with Groupon, but that doesn't mean that the automotive obsessed can't find similar deals elsewhere. Gearhead Deals rounds up all of the best steals of the interwebs for your car in one location. The site picks up automotive-related deals from sites like Amazon as well as directly f

Chrysler turns to 0% financing as Employee Pricing ends

Chrysler summer-long Employee Pricing incentive ends today and is being replaced by a good old fashion Zero Percent Financing deal. The new deal applies to all 2006 models, which means Chrysler is eager to reduce the inventory of its dealers to make room for a flood of new products it plans on introducing this year, including the Chrysler Sebring and Aspen that were given prices today by the company.

Chrysler will offer 30-day money-back guarantee

The Detroit News is reporting that in addition to offering employee pricing as a purchasing incentive this summer, Chrysler will also throw in a 30-day money-back guarantee. While purchasers would have to pay a penalty and mileage fee if a vehicle were returned, the offer is a gesture that shows a buying public the company has a great deal of confidence in its products.

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