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First Drive

But key headlining tech won't make it to the U.S. car at launch.

Come for the better styling and surprising performance, but you'll have to wait for the best tech goodies.

First Drive

Serene refinement that parks itself impeccably — and lifts itself up for a pothole or a crash

There may be mad tech under their skin, but the A8s on our media drive weren't equipped with some key 'AI' components like Traffic Jam Pilot.

Quick Spin

It's small and snarly — but is it worth $62 grand?

Think four-door Volkswagen Golf with 400 horsepower.

Quick Spin

Audi's new five-cylinder engine makes more power than a Porsche 718 Cayman S.


Have your cake and eat it, too – that's supposed to be a fallacy.

Long Term

Use this video to decide which one to buy.

They're the same, but different.

Quick Spin

We find that a couple factory options make the whole car more fun.

This sedan transitions between calm and aggressive with ease.

Long Term

This new model replaced a 2017 Audi A4 Premium Plus

First Drive

For hauling golden retrievers, with gusto.

The Q5's souped-up sibling is here.


The list of Autoblog's most popular car reviews of 2016, including models from Toyota, Chevy, Ford, and Tesla. A wide range of Autoblog reviewers examin the best new cars of the year to compile this list.