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Second Drive
2019 Volkswagen Atlas S 2.0T Review | Back to the basics

Testing the base model of VW's three-row family crossover

Testing the base model of VW's three-row family crossover.

Quick Spin
2018 VW Atlas SEL V6 Quick Spin Review

Great packaging let down by a goofy ride

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is a strange beast. It's both exactly what the company needs in the U.S. marketplace right now, and it's also a crossover that leaves us a bit cold. Crossovers aren't exactly a genre that engenders a great deal of passion in buyers concerned with practicalities, like fuel economy, interior storage, and safety. But the Atlas is more passionless than most, a strange turn for Volkswagen, a company whose most pedestrian vehicles have had some baked-in European goodness. Tha

2018 VW Tiguan and Atlas in Yellowstone National Park

These two crossovers provide room to roam

There are very few things in this word that I enjoy more than a road trip through the mountains, so I didn't hesitate when Volkswagen invited us to take their newest SUVs, the Tiguan and Atlas, on a road trip through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.

Quick Spin
2018 Volkswagen Atlas | Drivers' Notes

This is the right model for Volkswagen at just the right time.

First Drive
Credible, but not incredible | 2018 Volkswagen Atlas First Drive

Hitting all the right notes doesn't necessarily equal a harmonious song.

First Drive