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Expect the big new seven-seater for 2019

A seven-seater for 2019.

The F1-inspired hypercar will be revealed at Frankfurt

This is our first look at the body.

Honda is serious about electrification

Expect to see the CR-V Hybrid come to America.

Announcement follows Ford's as latest in long line of alliances in China

The Golf alone has sold more than 34 million units.

The Type 1 Beetle was produced from 1938 to 2003.

Still no launch date, though.

Can you please just show us the car, BMW?

It wants a standard output badge for all powertrains

It may or may not be coming to the United States.

Why test the cars now, when they've been on sale for a while now? Could a performance variant be on the way?

Diesel's on the outs in Europe, and EVs aren't ready for prime time.

Although lithium is plentiful, the problem is ensuring there is enough capacity to process it.

That might be wishful thinking, but here are some other great possible outcomes.

And like any dream, it probably won't be there when we wake up.

Hybrid, plug-in sales growth slows on eve of new EV's debut

Hybrid and plug-in sales growth from U.S. automakers fall off, offsetting gains from Nissan and Honda.

New report corroborates another recent one.

It's part of a plan to keep expanding Ferrari sales.

FCA to electrify half of its vehicles by 2022.

It's a significant change for Maserati, and for FCA as a whole.

This is the first part of the price VW will pay in its diesel emissions settlement.

Ben Van Beurden thinks more people should be driving electric cars.

The CFO drives a BMW i3.

It looks like it didn't stray far from the concept car.

2 / 606
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