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It looks like there's a dual exhaust option, too.

Still no word on what the body is made of.

No more split headlights

A handsome if unexciting redesign.

Our clearest look yet at the new Ram.

It's a very different look, but with some references to past models.

We're in line with that.

First up, the 2019 CLS450 with 367 horsepower. Delicious.

Engineers had a hankering for a Big Mac.

This is our best look yet.

It's 99.9 percent revealed

It retains many of the concept's design cues.

A face just like the A8

It's familiar and familial.

It looks like the Jeep Yuntu concept from Shanghai.

Expect it to wear the Grand Wagoneer name. We also want a wood-panel option.

It's called the Auris overseas

It's got some wickedly wide headlights.

The electric Porsche is real

It looks as though Porsche is pretty far in development.

A possible return of the hardcore R8.

Apparently it's very loud.

It will be very Panamera-like.

It will be very Panamera-like.

BMW's coupe credentials continue to erode

It will compete with Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA.

The interior confirms it has a Demon engine

It seems odd when even the Hellcat has a wide-body version.

It's also going to have loads of carbon fiber trim

ZR1 will let you row your own, or not.

This is a good look at the two-door model.

Thanks to JL Wrangler Forums.

Think crossover M3.

We don't get an M3 wagon, so this is the best alternative.

Check out that zebra-print camouflage.

This appears to be a Veloster Turbo model.

Or some sort of test mule for BP23?

Get a load of that aero package.

President Trump's new ride spotted in public near GM Proving Grounds

Trump's new ride spotted in public near GM Proving Grounds

Update strengthens the family resemblance

It's a mild update.

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