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Genesis changes its mind on retail plans

In a reversal, it’ll let all Hyundai dealers apply for franchise licenses

Genesis will apparently open the doors to its nascent dealership network to all existing Hyundai dealers, reversing its earlier plan to launch a separate, much more limited retail network as a way to distinguish the brand.

Genesis luxury sedan range to get its own U.S. dealership network

The well-regarded luxury brand is ready to go exclusive in its third year.

The well-regarded luxury brand is ready to fly the coop in its third year.

Los Angeles
Genesis G80 and G90 owners can use Amazon Alexa to control their cars

Alexa can tell you the news, and now it can set the climate control in your Genesis.

New Genesis G80 costs $2,650 more than its predecessor

Yes, it's more expensive, but you're getting more content.

The Hyundai Genesis is dead. Long live the Genesis G80.

Kevin Hart tracks his daughter's Genesis in Hyundai Super Bowl ad

Kevin Hart uses the Blue Link Car Finder on his smartwatch to track his daughter's date in Hyundai's humorous Super Bowl ad for the Genesis sedan.

The Hyundai Genesis is dead! Long live the Genesis G80!

For 2017, the Hyundai Genesis sedan will be rebadged as the Genesis G80. The renamed car is at the Detroit Auto Show alongside the all-new G90.