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We discuss Maserati's foray into crossovers, why bad cars can make good rentals, and the new and used cars you should buy.

These are close to what the final version may look like.

One's skeletal, the other is pillarless.

Relax, the top and doors comes off.

It's still the same Wrangler we know and love.

They include a tiny Peugeot, a 911 Turbo, and an off-road Wrangler.

We all need more Lego cars in our lives.

Less camo, more bodywork, same basic shape.

Yup, it still looks like a Jeep.

Don't be surprised if it looks more like a mini F-150 by the time it's in production.

We're still not sure what's under the hood, but we're happy to speculate.

A more capable Rubicon makes for a better Wrangler – at a price.

Jeep’s boss thinks it’s a great idea, also talks Grand Wagoneer, pickups.

Hybrid tech can help off-roaders.

Next year is shaping up to be a great one for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Here's what has us excited.

Vote for this project on Lego Ideas to make it happen. Now.

At least according to these renderings. And that's okay with us.

The new generation sticks to the script for style.

A motorized mash-up meant for mud and more.

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