# of Recalls Component Affected
2010 HUMMER H3 SUV 2 Visibility, Structure More Details
2009 HUMMER H3 SUV 2 Visibility, Structure More Details
2008 HUMMER H2 SUT 1 Service Brakes, Air More Details
2008 HUMMER H3 SUV 2 Visibility, Structure More Details
2007 HUMMER H3 SUV 2 Visibility, Structure More Details
2006 HUMMER H1 2 Fuel System, Diesel, Steering More Details
2006 HUMMER H3 SUV 4 Visibility, Structure, Air Bags, Equipment More Details
2004 HUMMER H2 4 Steering, Seat Belts, Service Brakes, Hydraulic More Details
2003 HUMMER H2 5 Visibility, Steering, Service Brakes, Hydraulic, Power Train More Details


9 Articles
GM recalls 200k Hummer H3s for fire risk

Secondary Recall Affects 50,000 Sparks, Sonics

In two separate campaigns, General Motors is recalling nearly 200k Hummers after fires erupted in 42 vehicles, and another 50,000 Chevrolet Sparks and Sonics for a glitch with the OnStar system.

GM recalls 1.5 million vehicles over heated windshield washer system

Heated windshield washer system: Good. Heated windshield washer system that gets so hot it could potentially cause a fire: Recall. General Motors has announced that it is recalling some 1.5 million vehicles built between 2006 and 2009 for just such a problem. A similar measure was taken in 2008, but apparently the fix performed for that recall hasn't eradicated the issue entirely.

GM recalls 163k Hummer H3 models for hood issue

Hummer H3T – Click above for high-res image gallery

HUMMER recalls '09 H3T for fuel tank that could fall off

2009 HUMMER H3T - Click above for a high-res gallery

NHTSA investigating 2.7 million GM vehicles over engine fires

Way back in February, the NHTSA began investigating certain full-size trucks and SUVs from General Motors for the possibility of their engines spontaneously combusting, even when the ignition key is in the 'off' position. At that time, the investigation covered some 423,000 vehicles, and GM seemed pretty confident that the issue would not be widespread. Yeah, it appears as if the General was a little off in that