Woman who gives birth on video in moving car gets another surprise

Family gets brand-new Chrysler Pacifica from FCA and Jimmy Kimmel

A mother of (now) five gave birth on video in her minivan on the way to the hospital last week, and she was just gifted a brand new Chrysler Pacifica minivan by none other than Jimmy Kimmel. He brought the now viral family live on air to talk about the crazy experience.

The birth video is stunning, scary, but hilarious too once you realize who all is in the car. Alexis Swinney, the mother, was reportedly only minutes away from the hospital when the baby just couldn't wait any longer. Swinney's husband filmed the entire thing while driving (not recommended) on the way to the hospital. Kimmel echoed our thoughts on this exactly, "The whole time I'm watching, I'm thinking put the camera down and drive the car!" As she gives birth, he swivels the camera back to their other children in the rear seat with shocked looks on their faces — they just witnessed their mother giving birth to their new sister.

Obviously the car was a complete mess after giving birth, so Kimmel did the best he could to help them out. "We were concerned that things might not be clean in the car anymore, so we called our friends at Chrysler ... so we're upgrading you. Go ahead, go in there, have a couple more kids," Kimmel said.

This story transitioned from scary to unbelievable, and finally, incredibly heartwarming. The family can now pack all of their kids into the wonderful children transporting machine that the Pacifica is.

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