Watch a Ford Bronco casually jump a McLaren 720S

Typical Wednesday at Hoonigan

Michael Cox can't stop jumping his classic Ford Bronco. He's jumped it on the beach. He's jumped it in the desert. He's jumped it at racetracks. Now he's jumped it in Hoonigan's backyard playground. Upping the ante on this one, he completed the jump while a modded McLaren 720S drifted underneath. 

For those who don't know Michael Cox, he's a builder, racer, mad man extraordinaire who's worked with BMW and Porsche and specializes in off-road racing. Possibly more famous than the man is the vehicle he's known for driving, a custom-built Bronco that sports a cat-themed desert camo wrap. 

Technically, this is not the first time Cox has visited Hoonigan and jumped his Bronco. But last time, the Bronco soared over nothing but tire crumbs and those tiny pebbles that get stuck in tread. This time, the stakes grew significantly, as a custom 720S drifted under the Bronco while it was in the air. 

After a few donuts, Cox first tries a jump over a flatbed trailer. Once he easily clears that obstacle, Hoonigan brings the McLaren into the picture. Watch the video above to see a few crazy men show total disregard for the cost of a supercar

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