Truck driver goes 2,800 miles to rescue a pit bull

"Listen, do not put him down. I'm on my way over there."

"Listen, do not put him down. I'm on my way over there."

To the person on the other end of the line at Animal Care Centers of NYC, it must have sounded like Mario Rodriguez was just around the corner. He wasn't, though. Not even close.

As documented in the tear jerker video from The Dodo, truck driver Rodriguez was making a delivery in California when his wife sent him a link to an adoption listing for a pit bull named Hickory in New York.

"I started reading everything and just the look on his face was like I connected with him immediately," Rodriguez says in the video. "When I saw that he was going to be euthanized, something was telling me 'Just go!'"

He then asked his boss if he could get a delivery route to New York, which of course he got. During the 2,800-mile journey, he kept calling the shelter to make sure they knew he was on his way and that they didn't put Hickory down.

After that, well, watch the video. In short: Rodriguez now has a new buddy for future 2,800-mile hauls. Oh, and get the tissues ready.

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