Watch and listen to the Tesla Semi accelerate

It's remarkably fast for its size

This Tesla Semi accelerating might be the weirdest and most interesting thing you hear today, because of how quickly the thing gets up to speed compared to normal big rigs.

The electric semi-truck sounds like a spaceship taking off under heavy acceleration. Musk claims a 0-60 time of only five seconds from a stop without a trailer. After seeing how quickly it whisks away with a trailer attached, it doesn't feel that far out.

A Tesla semi visited the Tesla office in Draper, UT earlier this month. from r/teslamotors

What remains far out is when we'll be seeing these on the roads. Tesla plans to begin producing Semis in 2020, but we all know how those plans tend to go for its cars. When it does eventually come out, Tesla says there will be 300 and 500-mile range options to choose from. These could be much more pleasant to deal with than diesel trucks. While it obviously isn't quiet, the semis will at least be able to get out of the way a lot quicker. So turn your volume up and have a listen; it certainly sounds like the future.

Featured video:

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