Watch a 35-ton bus drive over a bridge rated for 10 tons

Beaver Bridge reopened after an inspection was completed

The historic Beaver Bridge in Beaver, Ark., is rated to allow vehicles as heavy as 10 tons to cross the White River at Table Rock Lake. A video that went viral last week shows a bus that weighs more than 35 tons crossing the bridge. Do the math, and you'll understand why this was a problem.

The video pasted up above shows the bridge visibly sagging under the bus' weight as onlookers watch in disbelief and other motorists honk at the bus driver. Officials from the Arkansas Department of Transportation closed down the bridge after seeing the video to check for damage, and, according KATV in Little Rock, reopened it October 18.

According to a report from Mashable, local highway police are tasked with enforcing the bridge's weight limit. Let's hope that process proves more effective the next time a massive passenger bus tries to cross the one-lane wooden span across Highway 187.

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