A young Siberian hoon got more than he bargained for earlier this week when he cut in front of, and subsequently pissed off, Siberia's strongest woman in a parking lot.

According to The Siberian Times, a young man named Artyom was out with some friends screwing around in the parking lot of Irkitsk's Komsomol shopping center. While showing off to his friends with a truly impressive e-brake turn, he slewed around in front of another car nearly causing a crash. Unfortunately for Artyom, that car was driven by powerlifter Oksana Kosheleva, Siberia's strongest woman.

In a flash, Kosheleva was out of her car and confronting Artyom about his foolish behavior.

"It all happened suddenly," she told the Times. "I was in this situation for the first time. When he turned in front of me, I yelled at him, "What are you doing? We are in a car park!" He said something and I came out to understand what he was talking about. And he started arguing with me."

Once Artyom started sassing her back, the gloves came off. Kosheleva snatched him out of his car, threw him over her shoulder like a sack of grain, then stuffed him in the hatch of her car, giving him a little kick for good measure. Once he was secure, she hopped back in her car and drove off with the argumentative Artyom but released him after only a short trip.

"I always try to avoid rude talks and, of course, fights," Kosheleva told a local news. "I simply decided to teach him a lesson, I wasn't planning to beat him up. I am a woman and fights are not for me. After driving for around 100 meters I stopped."

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