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Open Road
Exploring the puzzle of road rage - and 9 tips for avoiding it

From Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

What is it about driving that transforms a normally nice person into a monster?

Open Road
The dream of the '90s: NSX, Supra, and Impreza 22B

Taking a road trip down memory lane.

Reminiscing on some of Japan's finest from a bygone era.

Open Road
The end of driving as we know it?

Entering the age of automation.

As self-driving vehicles inch closer to reality, will you be ready to give up control to the machines?

Open Road
Which sports car would you choose?

Maximum smiles per gallon versus minimum pounds per horsepower.

Would you opt for a sports car that's light & nimble, or go for big power?

Open Road
Living the fast life

A few minutes at a time.

If you've never experienced the thrill of driving around a race track, well, you should.

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2016 Subaru WRX: Is this successor worthy of the crown?

My journey from a 2012 WRX to a 2016.

When a new model comes out, it's expected that it will be better than the one it replaces. Does the latest WRX top its predecessor, or fall short?

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The future of alternative-energy vehicles

Is there a viable future for hybrids, electric vehicles, and other alt-fuel vehicles? Let's take a look at where we are with these, and where we're heading.

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Why I chose a Subaru WRX over a BRZ

Everyday Practicality Trumps Sports Car

Cross-shopping a rally-bred Subaru WRX with a BRZ sports coupe? I did, and here's why I chose the WRX.