Watch motorcyclist kick moving car, trigger chain-reaction crash

Truck flips, motorcyclist keeps going.

A road-rage confrontation on a freeway north of Los Angeles caused a chain-reaction crash that put an occupant of a third vehicle in the hospital - and it was all triggered when a motorcycle rider kicked the side of a moving car.

The crash occurred around 6 a.m. Wednesday in Santa Clarita. A passenger in a trailing car started shooting video when he said a gray sedan cut off the motorcyclist. "Words went back and forth," he told NBC4.

That's when the motorcyclist kicks the side of the gray car, which swerves left, crowds the bike, hits the divider, careens back right across lanes, and hits a pickup. The truck winds up on its roof and its driver winds up in the hospital.

The motorcyclist? He (we assume it was a he) manages to stay upright through the whole thing, and rides away.

The California Highway Patrol would like to have a word with him.

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