Road rage devolves into all-out brawl yet again, this time in Southern California

An scuffle over a fender-bender in South Los Angeles turned ugly last weekend when the situation escalated from words to fists and finally to an impromptu demolition derby.

According to KNBC, Yaya Shabazz was on her way to visit her brother in LA when a woman in a silver SUV slammed into her BMW in the 8400 block of South Western Avenue on Sunday, November 27. The two pulled into the parking lot of the Jacobs Mini Market and Laundromat, where Shabazz thought the two would exchange insurance information. Instead, the driver of the SUV hopped out armed with a hammer and, accompanied by a passenger, attacked Shabazz.

"She run up on my car and snatched my door open and I threw my hands up in the air like, I don't know what's going on, I don't know you girls," Shabazz told KNBC. "She said, 'You cut me off.' I said, 'I didn't, but I'm sorry.' I didn't cut them off."

The argument quickly devolved into a fistfight as the women from the silver SUV first attacked Shabazz's BMW with the hammer, then surrounded her and knocked her to the ground. Footage from surveillance cameras and witness cellphones shows Shabazz on her back fighting while the other women kick her.

"I was on the ground thinking, 'Is this really happening? I'm being stomped by grown women right now,' and it was devastation and heart breaking because we shouldn't be doing each other like that," Shabazz told reporters.

Eventually she struggled to her feet and made it to the relative safety of her BMW. The attackers made for their SUV, and a short, violent demolition derby broke out as Shabazz tried to escape and the other driver kept smashing into her. Eventually, Shabazz broke free and ran for it, but not before mowing down a fire hydrant.

Despite the fact that Shabazz claimed not to know her attacker, the Los Angeles Police Department told KNBC that the two have some sort of history. They did not elaborate on that point though, claiming that it was part of the investigation into the incident. The LAPD also stated that both women could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

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