A British motorcyclist proved that no good deed goes unpunished recently when he tried to return a motorist's wallet and got nothing but abuse for his trouble.

According to the Daily Mail, a motorcyclist somewhere in England spotted a driver in a silver Hyundai pull out of a gas station with a wallet and cellphone on the roof. As the driver pulled off, the wallet slid off the roof and landed in the street, where the motorcyclist retrieved it. With wallet in hand, the motorcyclist set off in pursuit of the Hyundai driver, but when he approached the car the driver didn't seem too happy to see him.

As the rider approached, the Hyundai driver tried to escape him, then spat a string of profanity at the rider as he pulled up to the car's window. The motorcyclist then flung the driver's wallet at him through the car's open window, whereupon the driver quickly changed his tune.

"Thank you so much, bro!" the driver is heard saying in the video.

The motorcyclist decided that he'd had enough abuse and wasn't buying the Hyundai driver's improved attitude, so he decided to extract a little revenge. He grabbed the driver's phone off the Hyundai's roof. He held it up to the driver of the car and then casually tossed it on the ground. Then the motorcyclist rode away, presumably believing he'd taught the rude driver a valuable lesson.

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