Road rage causes car to flip four times at high speed

One driver brake-checks another.

A road rage incident on a Missouri freeway turned terrifying last week after a high-speed brake check caused a car to lose control and flip over.

According to FOX2, Bradley Derges was traveling along Interstate 270 in St. Louis when he spotted a trio of cars moving through traffic at breakneck speeds.

"I saw a yellow car go by, then I saw a gold Malibu and another white car diving fast. I was shocked. I figured something terrible was about to happen," Derges told FOX2.

As Derges watched, the gold Malibu surged ahead of the yellow Chevy Cobalt, cut the driver off, and brake-checked them. The Cobalt then bounced off the inside median Jersey barrier, flipped over four times, and skidded to a halt on its roof. Derges and another motorist immediately stopped and ran to the Cobalt driver's aid.

"We didn't know if car was going to catch fire, didn't know what was going on. I knew I needed to stop," Derges said.

Derges and the other motorist smashed the Cobalt's side window and pulled the driver to safety. Cpl. Justin Wheetley of the Missouri State Highway Patrol told FOX2 that troopers are investigating the crash.

"The major factor contributing to road rage is going too close," Wheetley said. "Everybody gets a little aggravated when you look behind and have someone following too close."

This isn't the first time we've seen how bad an idea brake-checking is. Back in October, an aggressive driver in an SUV decided to spar with a concrete hauler on a Wisconsin freeway and almost got crushed for his trouble.

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