A road-rage incident in the San Diego area spiraled out of control last month and turned into a vicious, knock-down drag-out brawl in the middle of a busy street.

According to KNSD, Cinthia Lara was parked in front of a Chula Vista, Calif., convenience store when two cars went speeding down the street in front of her, sparring and blaring their horns. Suddenly, the lead car stopped dead in the street, and the driver got out to confront his tail. At this point, Lara pulled out her phone and started filming, "just in case worse got to worst."

Eventually, couples were out of both cars, and the fight began in earnest. They threw punches, pulled hair, and one woman was knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly in the head. A number of passers-by, including an off-duty Chula Vista police officer, rushed in to break up the brawl.

It seems we report a lot of these incidents, doesn't it? Last May, there was this incident in Houston that clogged traffic while drivers fought. Then in November, these women scuffled after a fender-bender. More recently, Siberia's Strongest Woman flipped out and stuffed some dude in the back of her SUV for cutting her off in a parking lot.

To paraphrase the inestimable Chris Rock, if someone cuts you off in traffic, let it slide. You don't want to do time in county because someone scuffed your paint job.

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