Ever been so angry you punch a car right in the fascia? Of course not, road rage is really something that should be avoided. But a Florida man did just that to an offending Ford Expedition. He got ready for a fight and landed some real punches on the black SUV.

The only thing making this weird fight better would be some Virtua Fighter or Tekken-style arcade game graphics pasted over the video, complete with remaining energy bars. Those hits would be sure to deplete the Expedition's remaining energy by at least 25 percent. After punching the SUV, the man gathers speed and jump-kicks the Ford's front. Wisely, the Ford driver backs off, before the angry man pummels the SUV any further.

The clip was first published on Instagram and made it onto the Miami Herald's YouTube channel. We can't really tell what the Expedition driver did to set off the man, who appears to own a white Lexus LC, but our guess is that we're better off not knowing.

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