Man nips road rage incident in the bud by parking pickup on top of Camry

In an effort to curb a road rage incident and protect his young family, a man in Ocala, FL, backed his lifted F-150 up on to the hood of a Toyota Camry.

According to Bay News 9, Zach Waring was driving through Ocala with his girlfriend and their eleven-month-old child this week when he spotted a Camry driving erratically behind him. The Camry, driven by Aldaberto Aponte, had been darting around in traffic, nearly causing multiple crashes, and generally being a menace said Waring in a statement to the Ocala Police Department. Eventually, Waring stopped at a light with Aponte behind him and the incident promptly escalated.

At the light, Aponte hopped out of his car, ran up to Waring's truck, and began screaming and hitting Waring through the open driver's window. Waring's girlfriend shouted that there was a gun in the truck, a statement that turned out to be false. At this point they claim Aponte said, "I'll show you a real gun" and started to head back to his car.

Waring, unable to move forward due to the red light and cross traffic and fearing for his family's safety, made a desperate move to stop Aponte. He dropped the F-150 into reverse, got all the way into the throttle, and backed the truck up on to Aponte's Camry, thus preventing him from retrieving his alleged "real gun". When OPD arrived, witnesses corroborated Waring's statements and Aponte was immediately taken into custody.

Aponte was burglary, battery, criminal mischief, and driving with a suspended license. The latter charge stemmed from a conviction for failing to pay child support in September of 2016.

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