2021 Ford Bronco First Edition production run doubled — and it's still sold out

Apparently it's just a wee bit popular

On the same night the 2021 Ford Bronco was revealed and the reservation site launched, the one-year-only First Edition sold out. That was 3,500 vehicles reserved in one evening. Obviously demand was high, so Ford saw fit to go ahead and double production of the First Edition. However, it's still sold out.

The announcement arrived in a message to reservation holders, and was shared on the internet at places such as online forum Bronco6G. Interestingly, the message notes that anyone who had reserved a First Edition Bronco could cancel the reservation if they wanted now that there will be more. Somehow we doubt the dip in exclusivity is going to dissuade reservation holders.

As for being sold out, still, that came to us from Ford, which confirmed the increase in production. Apparently every two-door and four-door Bronco First Edition reservation is filled. So if you didn't reserve one earlier and want one, be ready to scour dealers when the deliveries go out. And if you end up buying one that was reserved by a dealer, prepare for a hefty price tag. The cheapest two-door First Edition starts at $60,800, and the four-door starts at $64,995. And any dealer with one to sell will probably be asking more than MSRP for it.

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