Goodwood's Festival of Speed might as well be called the Festival of Green

As this weekend's Festival of Speed there's a new attraction that gets away from the speed and focuses a bit more on the green. Created by Clean Green Cars, the FoS-TECH exhibit brings together a slew of cars we love here at AutoblogGreen and puts them in one area at the same time. If you're going, and have pictures you'd like to share, you know how to contact us...

Jay Nagley, the publisher of Clean Green Cars, explained FoS-TECH this way: "Goodwood is the perfect venue to present the future of green motoring. The debate about cars and the environment has been far too polarized in the past, with extremists on one side trying to ignore green issues and extremists on the other side portraying the car as irredeemably evil. FoS-TECH shows how cars can and will radically improve their environmental performance."

No doubt. Just check out this list of vehicles that will be on display at FoS-TECH this weekend, (descriptions courtesy of Clean Green Cars). Click on the highlighted names for pictures and more information from the ABG archives.
  • Tesla Roadster – Lotus-based electric sports car now on sale in California
  • BMW Hydrogen 7 – Limited numbers are already in use
  • Ford Iosis X – Will form the basis of a new model next year, available with E85 ethanol
  • Saab Aero Xconcept car running on E100
  • Peugeot 908RC – concept car showcasing ultra-efficient new diesel engine
  • Peugeot Quark – fuel-cell powered quad bike concept
  • Peugeot H2O - fire truck concept powered by a fuel cell
  • Citroen C-Airplay – concept featuring stop and start and efficient new semi-automatic gearbox
  • ItalDesign Guigiaro Vadho – concept based on the BMW Hydrogen 7
  • Mazda Hakaze – concept for a more environmentally friendly off roader/coupe crossover
  • Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept – forerunner of a hybrid sports car to be launched by Honda within three years
  • Honda Civic Hybrid IMA – cutaway car, showing the inner workings of Honda's current hybrid model
  • Toyota Prius – example of the world's best-selling hybrid model
  • Nissan Pivo – concept of a four-wheel-drive electric car
  • Smart EV – currently undergoing field trials: a smart converted in the UK to run on electricity
  • Toyota FT-HS – a hybrid sports car that will form the basis of the next Supra
  • Trident Iceni R – a unique approach – a V8 bio-diesel to give 200 mph performance, 50 mpg and low CO2 emissions
  • Vectrix Electric Scooter – already available with a range of 70 miles and the performance of a conventional 125 cc scooter
  • Z.Car – designed by architect Zaha Hadid, this could be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell
  • Concept Climax – 160 mph sports car running on E85 ethanol and capable of over 30 mpg.

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