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No, the cars won't be Peugeots or Citroens

PARIS — French carmaker PSA, maker of Peugeot and Citroen cars, will launch a car-sharing service in Washington, D.C., at the end of October, a senior PSA executive said on Tuesday. PSA will initially use 600 Chevrolet cars in Washington, Brigitte Courtehoux, director of mobility services at PSA, said at the Paris Motor Show. PSA has said that it intends to use car-sharing as a way to reintroduce its own brands back into the U.S. marketplace, after pulling out of the States in 1991. The


It supports autonomous and driver control

It supports autonomous and driver control.


North America CEO names states that are most import-friendly

After leaving the U.S. market by ending Peugeot sales in 1991, PSA now plans to re-introduce itself as a car seller in 2026.


It's the all-new Peugeot 508 SW wagon. Would you like one? Too bad.

It's the all-new Peugeot 508 SW Wagon. Would you like one? Too bad.


U.S. national security investigation alarms BMW, VW and Daimler

U.S. national security investigation alarms BMW, VW and Daimler.


French hot hatches, sporty city cars and wagons

Yes, there are manual diesel-powered wagons.

No, it isn't coming here. But hey, something to rent next time you're in France.

Don't miss the cool interior.


Please, Peugeot, let us drive it

The concept will debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.


It joins Mercedes-Benz and Porsche in Georgia's capital.

"Our unique needs in terms of technology, mobility innovation and car culture ultimately identified Atlanta as our perfect choice."


Austrian Matthias Walkner won the motorcycle category on a KTM.

"We managed to do it," said Sainz. "They (Peugeot) have already won two times, but I think I deserved this victory because we have put lot of effort into this car.


CEO also outlines EV, hybrid plans at Detroit Auto Show


The new PACE business plan outlines Opel's survival beyond 2020.

A fully electric Corsa is part of the plan.


CEO Carlos Tavares hints of US-spec PSA cars.

The carmaker has allegedly already decided which French brand would be sold in the States.


Deepening doubts, increased outsourcing and a call for more incentives

"Daimler is the first company to state explicitly how much electric vehicles are going to hurt margins."


A document discussed the need to "make the 'defeat device' aspect less obvious and visible"

A document discussed the need to "make the 'defeat device' aspect less obvious and visible."


That's a loss of about $4.74 million every single day.

PSA Chief Executive Carlos Tavares said in May he expects Opel to lose more money in 2017.


Six years after rally crash that almost severed his arm.

It was the first time Kubica had driven a 2017 race car after conducting tests in older machines.


Gunning for economies of scale in building 5 million vehicles.


Larry Dominique says it's a 10-year-project to reestablish PSA in USA.

The first steps have been taken as PSA launches car-sharing service Free2Move at LAX.

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