Iceni sports cars plans to go 1000 miles on one tank of biodiesel

Here's a sexy Earth Day drive. Take one 6.6 litre V8 two-seat sports car, the Iceni, in Norwich, England, fill it with 100 liters (26.4 US gallons, 22 Imperial) of biodiesel (which percentage blend, we don't know), and then drive it to Monaco, a trip of 979 miles, according to Google Maps.

This is what will be happening next week when an Iceni, designed, developed and manufactured by Trident Performance Vehicles Ltd, takes off around 11 am Tuesday, driven by Trident Sales Director and former racing driver, Kelly Bevan and motoring journalist Suzannah Sorrell. They expect to arrive in Monaco two days later, just in time to run a lap in the Monaco Grand Prix Circuit.

While the biodiesel drive sounds pretty impressive, it's really only 37.08 mpg. Considering the Iceni gets 70 mpg when driven at 56 mph, this drive shouldn't be too challenging from a fuel standpoint. More difficult would be actually buying an Inceni. They cost around t £60,000.

Parts of the drive will be broadcast via a video diary posted to the REV Project website. We'll check in with them next week.

[Source: Breckland Council]

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