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Fisker is also planning a more affordable EV for 2020.

Ducati and Renk are in play, but VW's head of strategy says investment in EVs is the main focus.

The second rumored McLaren Ultimate Series car in a month.

Ride along with Greg Migliore down California's scenic Highway 1.

It and Toyota are coming to EVs a bit late in the game.

They'll help people get around on game days.

They're driverless, electric and free to use.

A plastic that includes wood-pulp nanofibers can weigh one-fifth of steel and be five times stronger.

It's a little unclear what the race organizers did wrong.

The skies are getting crowded with flying-car hopefuls.

The "Passenger Economy" is expected to become a $7 trillion industry.

The "Passenger Economy" created by the advent of autonomous vehicles is predicted to swell from $800 billion in 2035 to a whopping to $7 trillion by 2050.

When sensing it's about to hit a pedestrian, the car would change the rigidity of its body panels, bumpers and the hood using underlying cables, rods or springs.

"Nvidia was priced for perfection heading into earnings."

The latest alliance in the growing field of automotive data-sharing.

Acquisition makes Intel a big player in the self-driving game.

Creating high-precision maps are needed to assist sensors in snowy conditions.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Fisker talks about his new company, his new car, technology, and the future of driving electric.

The new charging standard isn't inductive, isn't a cable, and you don't have to get out of your car to plug in.

GM employees can get autonomous rides any day of the week.

Sparkless gasoline engine technology works like diesel and will boost torque.

Certain models will be electrified.

22 funds have more than 5 percent of their portfolios in Tesla — one has 19 percent.

Few of these funds are actively buying shares, but are letting their stakes balloon as the stock continues to rally.

"It's impossible for me to believe there will be 50 successful autonomous vehicle software producers."

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