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The Apple car was never a sure thing

Plagued by shifts in development direction, the doomed project gobbled up $10 billion

GM's Cruise valuation slashed by more than half, adding to woes

It has seen a billion-dollar budget cut, and the CEO and a quarter of its jobs are gone

Nissan's interactive puppet entertains fussy babies so parents can drive

Calming an upset baby in a carseat is hard, but Iruyo and Baby Iruyo can help

California lawmakers call for stricter regulation of autonomous vehicles

A torched Waymo cab brought the issue back into the spotlight

Apple risks PR fiasco as morons 'drive' with Vision Pro

'Drivers' are being caught behind the wheel using Apple's new VR headset

Nissan Leaf owners, rejoice: a CHAdeMO charger adapter is now available

It's not cheap, but it massively expands charging availability

GM is in park with its driverless Cruise taxis. Should it stay there?

'We're still focused on the tech,' CFO says, yet the cars remain off the road

Ultra Cruise is dead, will instead be a better Super Cruise

Still targets 2M miles of roads, no idea when the capability launches

BMW will put humanoid robots from Figure in U.S. manufacturing facility

Figure's product is up against Tesla's Optimus humanoid robot

No red vest required. We try out BMW's Remote Valet tech at CES 2024

Experimental tech lets a remote driver park your car

We pilot John Deere's autonomous tractor 1,300 miles away in Texas

New autonomous tractor tech, now in beta testing, can be a game changer for farmers

Hyundai's Mobion Concept spins, crab walks, does doughnuts, is incredibly cool

It also drives diagonally, projects crosswalks for pedestrians, warns others of obstacles

Driverless truck companies plan to ditch human co-pilots in Texas in 2024

Safety advocates are understandably concerned, as are the Teamsters

VW solid-state battery prototype shows real promise

It had very low capacity loss after testing

The first EV with a lithium-free sodium battery hits the road in January

Sodium-ion batteries have lower density, are cheaper, perform better in cold weather

Wireless EV charging road opens for testing in Detroit

The quarter-mile stretch is the first step in a planned electric road system

Hyundai’s factory of the future employs robot dogs, harvests vegetables

Touring the Singapore facility that's a giant experiment in manufacturing processes and robotics

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