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HERE's going not just there, but everywhere autonomy is needed

It's even painted in an M5 color.

Want to leave your M5 in the garage sometimes? Here's a bike that's almost the same thing.

Plus: Analyzing the BMW and Audi concepts and the Mercedes-AMG Project One.

Automakers find themselves at the intersection of disruption and opportunity.

It could be anything. Virtually nothing about it evokes a century's worth of heritage.

Remove the badges, and it could be anything.

This is a factory-backed effort.

We now have an even better glimpse of the upcoming BMW 8 Series.

The 2021 i5 should look something like this.

At Frankfurt, BMW offers a look into its mid-size future.

We preview the Frankfurt Motor Show.

We drove the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the BMW M550i.

EV said to be one of four electric BMWs at the show, would launch in 2021

It could have a range of up to 435 miles.

It previews the production version coming in 2018

How do you like that big grille?

It plans to have 12 EV models by 2025

It plans to have 12 EV models by 2025

The opinions are ... mixed at best

Tell us what you think.

Bolt, Fusion Hybrid demand gains canceled out by Prius

Ford and Chevy rise, Toyota falls as August green-car sales are about even with last year's.

Inherent i3 flaws aren't addressed. A Chevy Bolt SS would be a better idea.

Hot EVs have potential, hopefully other carmakers see that.

Luxury is hiding in the desert.

The cars were likely hot weather testing in the California desert.

The concept foreshadows the 2019-on electric Mini

The production version will be built in Oxford.

The i3 gets a makeover, and a sportier variant.

We'll see them in the flesh in Frankfurt.

Still no launch date, though.

Can you please just show us the car, BMW?

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