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Making sense of these three high-tech powertrains.

So what are they and which one — if any — is right for you?

It's mostly the same as the M4 CS coupe.

The straight-six also gets a nice boost in power.

Plus an American-style, six-cylinder tourer and an urban scooter.

New bikes for the adventure, great American highway and urban mobility segments.

The South Carolina facility builds the X5.

Look for six-cylinder, eight-cylinder and hybrid power powertrains.

What might he have dreamed up while driving this Z8?

R.M. Sotheby's will auction Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' BMW Z8 roadster.

BMW says the recalls may be expanded.

The stations can charge multiple cars and will be 75 miles apart.

A car could be charged to more than 160 miles of range in a half-hour.

And an America-themed M3 celebrating 30 years in the U.S.

BMW highlights M Performance Parts for the 2018 BMW M5 at SEMA, and a unique, America-themed BMW M3.

Seriously, how cool are those two concepts from Mazda?

It's sure to help BMW print green, too.

Think BMW X5 to BMW X6.

Featuring the BMW Active Dog Bowl and BMW Active Hand Towel. Seriously.

There's active stuff for you and your dog!

Just like the new M4 CS.

Expect a small bump in power.

Did German automakers collude over decades?

Did German automakers collude over decades?

Six cars, all coming for 2019, highlight the past week in automotive news.

V12s, twin turbos, superchargers, and even electric motors.

These days, it isn't too hard to find an SUV with V12 engines, twin turbos, or superchargers. Here are the 10 most powerful SUVs in America for 2018.

BMW's compact is coming together

The interior looks nearly finalized.

FCA wasn't willing to give up Jeep, so it's looking elsewhere

It's something the company has been looking to do for years now.

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