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Steve Jobs' old BMW Z8 also sold for a solid sum

The Ferrari beat the high estimate of $17 million.

First Drive

Say hello to the fastest M5 ever made.

Say hello to the fastest M5 ever made.

Spy Shots

This is our best look yet at the luxury coupe

It's a lean, lanky luxury coupe.

Los Angeles

Is "rolling lithium" a thing, yet?

"We are seeing growing interest from customers to bring electrification to the heart of the brand."

Los Angeles

Enough with silver and white already.

BMW wasn't alone. Hopefully a trend is afoot.


'Drive Sustainability' alliance to invest in ethical mining of cobalt, graphite and lithium.

Partners include BMW, Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford, Honda and Toyota.


Want a 600 hp, AWD BMW 5 Series? That’ll be $103,595.

All this advancement comes at an increased cost, some $8,500 more than the outgoing M5.

Los Angeles

The i8 Coupe is also updated for 2019.

People like their sports cars without roofs. This should do the trick.

Los Angeles

At least in the U.S., where sales are currently off 10 percent.

Mini sales in the U.S. are off 10 percent as consumers flock to crossovers.


Automakers may know drivetrains and in-cabin comforts but fail at infotainment and connectivity

Here's what we appreciate, and the things that need rethinking.


It's only a problem in a very specific situation.

Wear your seat belt.


No compromise — sporty, luxurious, practical

The competition is close.


iX1 through iX9 could be in the works.

Don't be surprised to see more electric utes from BMW.


Not just for cars, but for heating and industry.

The report said one in 12 cars sold in California, Germany and Japan were expected to be powered by hydrogen by 2030.

Buying Guide

Making sense of these three high-tech powertrains.

So what are they and which one — if any — is right for you?


It's mostly the same as the M4 CS coupe.

The straight-six also gets a nice boost in power.


Plus an American-style, six-cylinder tourer and an urban scooter.

New bikes for the adventure, great American highway and urban mobility segments.