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First Drive
A practical winner | Long-range Renault Zoe EV First Drive

For Europeans, the new, 250-mile Zoe is the electric car to get.

Forget the battery? Sure.

How realistic is the Faraday Future FF 91?

Suffice it to say, opinions are divided.

There's a lot to be skeptical about.

Nissan's innovative idea for self-driving cars is to make them less self-driving

Are 'Human In The Loop' autonomous solutions the only ones that will work?

"Show me an autonomous system without a person in the loop, and I'll show you a system that is practically useless."

ProPilot autonomous Nissan Leaf coming in 'near future,' but no word on longer range

The focus here is on ProPilot self-driving tech, not a bigger or better battery.

Nissan believes people won't pay for a 200-mile Leaf just yet.

Navya Arma shuttles us around Las Vegas without a driver

It's totally unexciting, but that's just great in this situation.

Hop in, sit down, relax.

Faraday Future reveals FF91, its new production-intent EV

There's a lot riding on this new electric vehicle.

It's FF versus the world at CES 2017.

Tesla misses 2016 delivery target by about 4,000 units, but builds more than ever

Total 2016 deliveries were 76,230.

Despite the miss, we should see 2016 as a success for Tesla.

Eli Zero is the electric Smart Fortwo-Renault Twizy mashup you've been craving

And it's debuting at CES 2017.

Eli says it's "reimagining the future of urban mobility."

19 people turn a Tesla Model S into a fad telephone booth

To compare, humanity has packed more people into a Smart car.

Room for one more?

Tesla won't let Brexit raise its UK prices, for now

Price increase is delayed for two weeks.

Buy now, or hope that the pound rebounds soon.

Ultra-cheap Fiat 500e EVs about to hit used car lots

Unfortunately, probably only in California and Oregon.

How would $6,500 strike you?

Trump team turns against ethanol, despite campaign rhetoric

Billionaire buddy Carl Icahn likes this new atitude.

"A black cesspool of trading if there ever was one."

Wanxiang approved to build new Karma, Atlantic EVs in China

Up to 50,000 electric vehicles a year could come from new factory.

Perhaps some day some of them will end up in the US.

Elon Musk hints at ultra-fast Superchargers way beyond 350 kW

V3 will basically flash charge your Tesla.

"What are you referring to, a children's toy?"

New Tesla Model X Easter egg wishes you a Merry Christmas

It's the Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start for the EV age.


Wattway solar road now open for rays in France

Segolene Royal is there, of course.

Try not to stall on it, okay?

Tesla Autopilot update is late, but testing is 'working well'

Originally promised for mid-December, enhanced Autopilot will get here when it's ready.

Be patient, and drive your own car for now.

By following the money, we can see that many automakers don't really care about EVs

Nissan, GM get a bit of a pass.

Maybe the automakers no longer believe that they can influence public opinion with a TV ad. Oh, wait.

First Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicles land in California

Honda has been selling the hydrogen cars in Japan since March.

Look for them at H2 stations all over the state.

Tesla is about to charge drivers a Supercharger Idle Fee [UPDATE]

Forty cents a minute is what it'll cost you if you leave your car plugged in.

Don't forget to unplug when the alarm goes off.

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