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Fortunately, cool stuff from Alfa Romeo and Maserati is in the works

Fiat Chrysler chief Sergio Marchionne shot down the idea of a reborn Dodge Viper, saying "it's not in the plan." But he'd love to see it happen anyway.


Partnership might sell autonomous Fiat-Chrysler vehicles to the public

Partnership might sell autonomous Chrysler Pacificas to the public.


Spoiler: The Chrysler 200 didn't make it

Spoiler: the Chrysler 200 didn't make it.


Investors demand it of outgoing CEO: ‘FCA is way behind rivals’

Investors demand it of outgoing CEO: 'FCA is way behind rivals.'


In an ‘extremely rare’ situation, cruise control might be stuck on

In an "extremely rare" situation, cruise control might be stuck on.


Email surfaces in claim that company overstated its compliance

Fiat Chrysler Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne reprimanded the company's top U.S. spokesman for issuing press releases about Fiat's vehicle emissions practices days after Volkswagen's disclosure in September 2015 that the German automaker had used illegal software to evade emissions tests, documents released Monday show.


Someone actually bought a brand-new 2014 Dodge Avenger last month

These automobiles may have been discontinued years ago, but that hasn't stopped automakers from recording a few sales of these unloved zombie cars.


Trump wants more U.S.-built vehicles, and more exports

Ten American and foreign automakers went to the White House on Friday to push for a weakening of U.S. fuel efficiency standards through 2025, while President Donald Trump used the occasion to launch a fresh attack on the North American Free Trade Agreement that has benefited the companies.

Chrysler's midlevel coupe of 1950, now a retired hotrod in Illinois

This worn-out hotrod 1950 Chrysler Windsor coupe had a good 68-year run, but now it ends its days in a Chicago-area self-service wrecking yard.


They want negotiations with states to keep increasing standards

Major automakers are telling the Trump administration they want to reach an agreement with California to avoid a legal battle over fuel efficiency standards, and they support continued increases in mileage standards through 2025.


It does not appear to be at fault

A self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivan operated by Waymo, the autonomy subsidiary of Alphabet/Google, was involved in a two-car accident Friday afternoon in Chandler, Ariz. First reports indicate the autonomous vehicle was not at fault in the crash — not the "violator vehicle," according to ABC 15 News. This may be Waymo's first accident in its Arizona test program.


Marchionne closing the gap with GM and Ford

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reduced its debt by more than expected in the first quarter, putting the carmaker well on course to become cash positive later this year.


Average discount per vehicle is now about $3,700

U.S. auto sales in April likely fell nearly 8 percent from the same month in 2017 despite big discounts for consumers, industry consultants J.D. Power and LMC Automotive said on Thursday.


Plus, a famous pair of tuners in Shelby and Hennessey

Last week brought us quite a wide variety of automotive news nuggets, and judging by the response of our own readership, the Jeep Wrangler pickup truck led the way. It's not expected to hit the sales floor until April of 2019, which means we've all got an entire year to wait, but that just means we have lots of time to anticipate its arrival. And we do so today with a series of renderings that show what the so-called Scrambler may look like in a few different colors.


Includes the first Shelby Series 1 and Chrysler prototypes like this 1980s Ram

Fans of Carroll Shelby will want to make their way to Greenwich, Conn., this June, because Bonhams will be selling a great many cars from the man's personal collection. And many of them are the first of their kind, marking important milestones in Shelby's career.


Parts company to be stood up on its own

Fiat Chrysler said on Thursday its board had tasked management to proceed with spinning off Magneti Marelli and distributing shares in a new holding for the 99-year old parts business to FCA investors.


Ford, GM, FCA, Tesla on long retaliatory list for Trump tariffs

U.S. aerospace companies, automakers, grain merchants and chipmakers were the early casualties on Wednesday after China and the United States announced tariffs on $50 billion of imports, cementing fears they were spiraling toward a trade war.