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Road Test
You thinking charging an EV is bad? Try filling a hydrogen-powered car!

Living with a Toyota Mirai for a week could've gone better

Biden selects 7 hydrogen hubs across 16 states for $7 billion in U.S. grants

The hydrogen in this case is for more for industry than vehicles, but it's a major step

Solar panels and wind turbines show greater growth than the Model T

Green energy's spread is dramatic even compared to the biggest past disruptive technologies

Shipping giants turn to wind to cut emissions and fuel use

Thousands of sail-equipped cargo ships will be coming online this decade

EU set to demand e-fuel cars have no climate impact

Carbon-neutral fuels could be an important stopgap measure

Stellantis sees long road ahead for internal combustion cars

Even if fleets are mostly electric by 2030, e-fuels will still be necessary

Ineos Grenadier FCEV tester trials zero-emissions off-roading

BMW provides the fuel cell powertrain, Ineos makes the hydrogen

Ford begins testing fuel-cell E-Transit in the U.K.

It has potential for a number of niche delivery van needs

Biden administration could delay decision on electric car biofuel program

The House Energy and Commerce Committee wrote to the EPA to challenge the EV program

Gas chain Sheetz offers E85 for $1.85/gallon through April

Tuners and flex-fuel vehicle owners are in luck this month

VW won't follow sister company Porsche into e-fuels

There seems to be some disagreement within VW Group about correct approach

Toyota teamed with Exxon to develop lower-carbon gasoline

The pair said the fuel could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75 percent

Musk puts $14 trillion price tag on sticking by fossil fuels

Claims it would cost more than converting to clean energy

Europe’s EV push nearly faltered over fringe fuels that are years away

The e-fuels Germany fought for will be expensive and scarce for the foreseeable future

Germany, EU reach agreement for e-fuel internal-combustion cars past 2035

'We will work now on getting the CO2-standards for cars regulation adopted as soon as possible

Opinion: Let’s pursue a many-pronged approached to clean transportation

Batteries might be the future king, but hydrogen and e-fuels can still have their place

Porsche highlights the merits of synthetic fuels

Niche vehicles and vintage cars could benefit from them

First Drive
Biden backs Nevada lithium mine with $700 million loan offer

The mine could supply lithium to Ford and Toyota

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