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Honda seeks alliances to bring down EV costs

It already has a partner in GM, of course

2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Road Test | The farewell drive

The next one might be on its way, but the 10th generation’s swan song is an instant classic

The Porsche GT3 may have four-wheel steering, but so did this 1989 Honda Prelude Si

It's beige, automatic and Japanese, and anything but an appliance

2022 Honda Civic Luggage Test | Not-so-compact trunk

The new Civic nearly has the trunk of a midsize sedan

Buying Guide
2022 Honda Civic Review | Same greatness, way more style

The all-new 11th generation checks all the boxes and looks great doing it

2024 Honda Prologue name announced, and an Acura EV follows

It's the first Honda EV coming from the GM partnership

2022 Honda Civic hatchback accessories offer Si looks if not performance

Announced for Japan, we expect the parts will be available in the U.S., too

2022 Honda Civic Si seems to be sedan-only

At least the hatch is available with a turbo engine and manual transmission

This pristine 1999 Honda Prelude Type SH should be like stepping back in time

Listed on Cars & Bids, it's peak Prelude for the car's last generation

Honda Clarity ending production this summer

It's not the end of electrified or hydrogen Hondas, though

There was once a Honda Civic named the Honda Integra

Yep, there were two Honda Integras in the late '90s. The rebadged Acura and this one

First Drive
2022 Honda Civic First Drive Review | Firmer familiar ground

Nothing too drastic, just plenty of smart, practical improvements

11 best hybrid SUVs for 2021

Our top choices including traditional hybrids, plug-in hybrids and luxury models

HondaJet updated to carry more, fly longer, and look better doing it

Pilots need to choose between more range or more passengers

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