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The world's largest automakers are creating cars tailored specifically for the Chinese automobile market. Here are the latest from the Shanghai Auto Show.

The GT3 isn't turbo because the racecar isn't turbo.

"What's very crucial for us, a key factor is the bloodline between the race car and the street car."

Deal means six years of more virtual Porsches.

Racing with a virtual Porsche could hopefully help turn young fans into buyers.

We presume there'll be a proliferation of Porsches in short order.

A momentous day for Gran Turismo fans.

Members of the Porsche-Piech clan that controls Volkswagen will no longer be eligible to serve as executives of the carmaker.

With 490 hp and 568 lb-ft, this is one fast EV.

Here's a cool way to spend a million.

A riveting tale of obtaining a Porsche 356.

In the case of Gregoire, it meant a life entwined with amazing classic vehicles of all sorts. Here's his story.

Co-developing EV, connected, and autonomous tech has its benefits.

That's a lot of shared brainpower.

The GT3 RS looks as subtle as ever.

Look for the return of the manual transmission.

Porsche was spotted testing its next 911 at the Nurburgring race track in Germany. Our spy shooters caught the black coupe with very little camouflage.

They include a tiny Peugeot, a 911 Turbo, and an off-road Wrangler.

We all need more Lego cars in our lives.

Neither snow nor rain nor dark of night...

We took one to Sno Drift in Northern Michigan.

A $32 million penthouse has room for 11 cars.

The condo building's three elevators can lift cars at a brisk 800 feet per minute.

It's $17,250 on average, far more than competitors earn.

German competitors Mercedes and BMW clear around $5,000 per car.

Look for new colors and an expansion of Porsche connectivity features.

Spy photos!

Don't be surprised if the car makes more than 600 horsepower.

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