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I'd fight a bull for a Ranger, too.

An elderly Kiwi man decided to play matador on his birthday and sparred with an angry bull to protect a Ford Ranger.


BMW celebrates the M3's 30th anniversary by looking into the car's past.


More horsepower but less twist than Ford's Super Duty.

They'll also gain nearly 50 horsepower.


How soon will we see fully electric semi trucks on our highways?

Electric semi truck prototypes could show up as soon as next year.


If you like trucks, or clocks, or clocks made of trucks this is the video for you.


Spool valve shock absorbers will help the beefy ZR2 manhandle rough terrain.

The Colorado ZR2 will feature spool valve shocks, according to these new spy photos.


With battery packs, oxygen tanks, and a drone, this pickup is ready for anything.

Nissan shows off its approach to sustainable emergency vehicles.


There's no denying this truck has a diesel engine.

The new truck will be powered by a 3.0-liter Jaguar Land Rover V6 diesel.


Intense footage of what happens immediately after a car crash.


Maybe if the midsize pickup market gets big enough, we could see a new Ranger and Frontier.


A video was released last week showing tractor trailers braving a flooded freeway in Louisiana to deliver their loads on time.


That’s 39 hp more than the prevous generation.

More power should make the Raptor even more of a beast.


Yes, the Frontier shares the same platform. No, it won't come to the US.

We're not even getting a new Frontier soon, let alone a resurrected SUV from the same platform.


The efficiency and emissions standards cover model years 2018 through 2027.

The government expects to also save 1.1 metric tons of GHG emissions through 2027.


You'll still need an Allen wrench.

Powered by a small diesel mill out of a Ford Transit, the Ox can carry just over two tons of cargo or up to thirteen passengers in its versatile covered cargo bay.


The F-Series is now the official truck of the NFL.

Fans can get food, merchandise, and tickets delivered directly to them.


The F-150 is getting new powertrains as its looks evolve.


Changes to begin later this year.

Sorry, but the Viper is still dead.


A trucker on a steep downhill grade along I-5 in California lost control of his rig and wound up stuck in a runaway truck ramp.

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