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Bird saves German driver from a speeding ticket

The local police suggest it's a sign from above

The local police suggest it's a sign from above.

States and cities making U-turn on despised red-light and speed cameras

Public hates them, insurance industry backs them, but the data are mixed

Public hates them, insurance industry backs them, but the data is mixed.

Arizona lawmaker brags about doing 140 mph, later says he was joking

Busted for doing 97 mph, claims immunity, then boasts about his Lexus

Busted for doing 97 mph, claims immunity, then boasts about his Lexus.

Lotus CEO busted doing 102 mph uses 'Test Driver' defense

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales was caught doing 102 miles per hour on the A11 motorway near the carmaker's Hethel HQ.

Cops pull over police chief for speeding and let him go without even a warning

An Arkansas State Police trooper pulled over the police chief of a small Arkansas town late last month and, despite evidence of him speeding, let the chief go without even a warning.

Is modern traffic enforcement all about dollars instead of safety?

We're going with a strong yes.

Increasing fines, ticket cameras, and the deck stacked against drivers to fight tickets.

Drivers of these cars are the most likely to get ticketed

As Penny Gusner of Insurance.com says, "It is interesting to see what vehicle makes and models attract drivers who are prone to traffic violations."

Police officers deliver cash instead of tickets during traffic stops

One Sheriff's Office Brings Surprise Cheer To Motorists This Holiday Season

In Kansas City, MO, some motorists are receiving a holiday surprise instead of a ticket.

Open Road
Radar Detector Basics: Are they legal and do they really work?

A radar detector can be a valuable resource to help you avoid speeding tickets, but the devices can be intimidating to newcomers.

Tesla Autopilot gets its first speeding ticket

No Software Available For Fast-Talking The Fuzz

A 'Self-driving' Model S gets busted for doing 75 in a 60 zone, Drag Times says.

Man gets speeding ticket for going the speed limit

A man from Australia became an internet sensation after he received a speeding ticket for going exactly the speed limit last month.

Americans show lukewarm support for red-light cameras

But Enthusiasm Varies Widely Depending On Where You Live

A new survey shows Americans support police using red-light cameras in traffic enforcement. They're not as enthusiastic about speed-camera use.

Finland charges wealthy speeder $103,000 in fines

Bad drivers in Finland are fined based on their income, leading some wealthy drivers to feel unfairly burdened after paying thousands for speeding tickets.

Man beats speeding ticket with measuring tape

Speed camera may have been incorrectly recording speed for years

A man in Wales successfully beat his speeding ticket with nothing more than a tape measure.

One of America's most notorious speed trap cities disbands police force

In 2003, AAA took the unprecedented step of erecting billboards to warn motorists of speed traps ahead

New York City Speed Camera Issues $77K In Fines Over One Day

Camera issued 1,551 tickets

A single speed camera in Brooklyn is proving to be a boon for for city coffers after it issued 1,551 tickets on a single summer day.

How traffic enforcement could play out on roads of the future

New Systems Offer Potential, But Automated Tickets Already Irk Drivers

The applications of connected-car technology may eventually lie beyond the authority of its creators.

How traffic enforcement has exacerbated racial tensions in Ferguson

Minor Offenses Can Lead To Cycle Of Fines, Court Cases, Poverty

There are some towns in St. Louis County that have issued more traffic citations than there are residents.

Millionaire cricket player avoids driving ban because he has to drive fish and chips van

It's not exactly a case of "affluenza," but it does appear to be another case of Money Makes Things Go Away, this time in the UK. Police there reportedly caught ex-England cricketer and professional boxer Andrew Flintoff doing 87 miles per hour, 17 mph over the limit, in his

Why one Long Island county dismissed $2.4 million in speed-camera fines [w/video]

40,000 Tickets Affected By Nassau County Glitches

The goal of speed cameras should be to improve safety and change driver behavior, not to make motorists feel like they're being ripped off.

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