No doubt, it has been a terrible year for relations between police officers and many of the citizens they're sworn to protect and serve. From Baltimore to Cleveland to Chicago to South Carolina and beyond, the headlines have been filled with allegations of racial profiling, police brutality and excessive force.

For one moment in this holiday season, press the pause button on the discord and check out this CBS News report from Kansas City, MO, where the Jackson County Sheriff's Office is profiling traffic for the most benevolent of reasons.

Funded by an anonymous businessman, the department's officers are playing Secret Santa this holiday season, conducting traffic stops on motorists whose beat-up cars look like they need some work. Instead of doling out tickets, they're handing out cash to people who cannot otherwise afford Christmas. They're helping to turn the most jaded of motorists into joyful ones.

On the CBS video, one motorist, Jessica Rodriguez initially was angry about being pulled over and told someone on her cell phone she had just been pulled over for "no cause." Then, she tells the officer who pulled her over that she was "good until you pulled me over."

As the officer hands her money and explains the Secret Santa traffic stop, Rodriguez bursts into tears and explains she couldn't have held a Christmas for her three children without the help. She wasn't alone. Many of the motorists cried and hugged the deputies as they realized they were receiving the best of surprises this holiday season.

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