Bird saves German driver from a speeding ticket

The local police suggest it's a sign from above

For everyone who has ever cussed their rotten luck after getting a speeding ticket, there's someone who seems to have had luck on their side. A German driver was spared from getting a speed camera ticket thanks to a dove intervening.

As retold by the BBC, a Renault Twingo driver in Viersen, Germany, got flashed by a speed camera, doing 24 km/h over the limit in a 30 km/h zone. But thanks to the random white dove flying next to the Renault at the exact moment the camera flash fired, the driver's identity was obscured. While the car's registration was legible to the police, for them to be able to send the ticket the driver's face would have had to be recognizable. Instead, they got a perfectly good shot of a bird, just doing its own thing. Had the dove not gotten in the way, the driver of the Twingo would have gotten a 105 euro ($117) fine in the mail.

The police department's slightly humorous statement read that the bird's appearance was an obvious sign from above, and suggested that the driver should drive more carefully in the future. Clearly, the Viersen police didn't consider the possibility that the slovenly Renault hatchback could have been doing the posted speed limit and the speeder might have been the bird instead. It's not like it would be the first time.

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