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Cars least likely to get ticketed

Nobody wants to see flashing lights in their rearview mirrors. Getting pulled over for speeding means more than just a costly ticket. It also means your insurance rates may increase.

The team at used data from 323,349 drivers who were looking for car insurance between January 1, 2014, and February 1, 2016 to find out which vehicles are most likely to get pulled over by police.

Some of the results make perfect sense, and others may surprise you.

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Number 5: Chevrolet Express

This one makes sense. Nobody buys a fullsize van to drive like a race car. And it turns out that just eight percent of Chevy Express owners report having been pulled over by police.

Chevrolet Express Information

Chevrolet Express
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Number 4: Cadillac ATS

And now we come to our first surprise. The Cadillac ATS is the entry level sedan in Caddy's lineup, and it's plenty fun to drive. And, depending on the engine chosen, it's also very quick. But that hasn't led to a glut of tickets from police – just six percent of Cadillac ATS owners say they've been targeted by police.

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Cadillac ATS
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Number 3: Acura ILX

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The Acura ILX is the least expensive car sold by the Japanese luxury brand. It's powered by a four-cylinder engine, with our without hybrid assist, and it doesn't attract much attention from police. According to, only six percent of ILX owners have been pulled over.

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Acura ILX
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Number 2: Lexus IS 350

This one comes as something of a surprise. Lexus sedans aren't immune to tickets – in fact, owners of the Lexus ES sedan report more tickets than any other drivers. And unlike the smooth and comfortable ES, the IS is pretty sporty. Still, just three percent of Lexus IS 350 owners report having been pulled over by police.
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Number 1: Buick Encore

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No shocker here. The car that's least likely to elicit tickets from police is the Buick Encore. The little crossover is anything but a powerhouse, and it doesn't attract much attention out on the road. According to, just three percent of Buick Encore drivers have gotten tickets from police.

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Buick Encore
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